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Membership in the Coulee Kennel Club is open to individuals and families who share a love and enthusiasm for dogs. A good place to start is by attending one of our monthly meetings. Club meetings are a great place to. . . 


            •  meet other dog enthusiasts and breed specialists 
            •  learn how and where to purchase purebred dogs 
            •  learn more about dog show classes and AKC All Breed Events 
            •  participate in club activities and social events
            •  enjoy the company of dogs who often sit in on meetings



Membership Fees 


A fee of $20 for individuals and $30 for families will provide a one-year membership to the Coulee Kennel Club. Juniors (ages 9 through 17) are encouraged to join for a reduced fee of $5.00.  Members are asked to volunteer their time and skills to promote the mission of the club in several ways:

 •  Participate in event planning and work at the events in various capacities, such as Ring Stewards, set-up  and break-down of shows, registration and more; 
 •  Assist with classes and educational programs
 •  Committee tasks (Fundraising, Publicity and a variety of show committees)

The Club is very much a team-oriented group: we depend on the skills, knowledge and experience each member brings, and we work together to achieve our goals. Once you have attended a few of our meetings, you may then apply for membership.  Simply print the membership application and you're on your way!


Membership Benefits


  • Free reserved grooming at our conformation show

  • Recognition for dogs you finish and bragging rights at meeting

  • Access to a large library with dog related topics

  • A private Facebook group to discuss club related business when you aren't able to attend meetings

  • The opportunity to meet fellow area dog owners that will support and encourage you in whatever dog related activities you participate in.

  • Free listing in the breeder/business directory


 Print Coulee kennel Club Application and Documents Here:


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